Launch Event – Lasers for Productivity: A UK Strategy

Tuesday’s event at Portcullis House, Westminster, launched the published strategy document – Lasers for Productivity: A UK Strategy.

The document, written by the AILU and its partners, outlined four key recommendations for the wider adoption of laser-based manufacturing and production: process demonstration and customisation for SME’s; increase skills and training; laser sources and process innovation; and greater access to finance.

The recommendations from the UK laser industry are in light of a UK Strategy to grow a sustainable and competitive manufacturing sector, by ensuring manufacturers have the skills, finance, knowledge and confidence to deploy lasers within their production process, to substantially increase productivity.

Talking about the recommendations of its strategy, Jonathan Blackburn, Vice President of the AILU said: ‘Our recommendations are founded on the strong partnerships we have with the UK laser and, more widely, the photonics industries. Currently the global laser industry contributes in excess of £10bn to the world economy, and it is widely predicted to continue at its current growth rate of 10% per annum. Buy adopting these recommendations, the UK government and the UK laser industry can work together to ensure that the UK is leading the way in the digitisation of manufacturing, production, healthcare and research and development.” (AILU)

Read the report here