Introduction to t11

The Tannlin T11 is our latest innovation in stencil laser systems. The ultra fast, highly integrated laser stencil cutting machine incorporates simultaneous automatic optical inspection, to guarantee perfect laser cut apertures for the highest performance stencils in electronics assembly processing.


quality assurance

advanced optical inspection

Every feature is optically inspected to ensure its location and dimensions are to specification.

Tannlin’s fully automated and concurrent process compares the results of laser cutting to the CAD data.

Why use Tannlin Automated Optical Inspection?

  • The right volume of solder paste, in the right place, every time.
  • 100% error checking and validation on every feature.
  • An incorrect or defective feature can be rectified and validated while the stencil is still being laser cut.
  • End to end traceability for Tannlin and all customers via Blueprint.
  • A standard process unique to Tannlin and not available from any other manufacturer.
Multilevel Solder Paste stencils

perfect paste volume

tannlin multilevel

Our Multilevel Solder Paste stencils are custom designed for situations where you require to:

  • Increase or decrease paste volume and deposit height on selected PCB areas where you have mixed component technology, large ground pads, intrusive reflow or coplanarity issues.
  • Improve the stencil to board gasket and print repeatability for topography issues on PCBs e.g. labels, solder mask inconsistencies and tented vias.
  • Allow simultaneous printing of 3D cavities on a PCB.

Benefits of Tannlin Solder Paste Stencils include:

  • Guaranteed material thickness on all levels.
  • Optimal material surface finish on all levels.
  • Same day capability available from all Tannlin manufacturing locations.

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Step thickness

Step thickness range for Tannlin TML 20 - 500 microns

Step ramp

controlled step ramp in 50 micron increments,
optional matched squeegee blades

Material thickness

+/- 2% (primary steel and step steel)

Board side distortion

flat with no impact

Environmentally friendly

no hazardous chemicals or pollutants in process

High accuracy laser processing

superior edge quality

dynamic laser control

Tannlin Dynamic Laser Control is a major breakthrough in high speed laser machining technology. Unlike other laser systems used for thin metal cutting ( 0.01 – 0.5mm) Tannlin laser systems can be specified with our high speed Dynamic Laser Control(DLC).

To illustrate how advanced our DLC is, consider that our fastest laser systems can cut 60,000 apertures /hour. The cutting time for a single feature can be as little as 30ms, during which time, the motion control is constantly changing speed. No other laser machine is able to dynamically change laser control during such a short time period.

The Tannlin system will correct speed at a high frequency for a very small shape. It does this using an advance motion control algorithm which constantly corrects the cutting speed and also matches the laser parameters perfectly to the actual speed during that task.



SMTCAD is a new dedicated stencil design package that integrates seamlessly with blueprint and perfectly partners with the latest Tannlin stencil laser system. SMTCAD delivers the features needed for complete control of your paste creation, modification and design quality control. The system provides automatic footprint detection and conversion at component level.

  • Once a component is “taught” into SMTCAD, the system will find this component on any gerber, ODB++ or IPC2581 file and facilitate fully automatic paste design generation.
  • SMTCAD works by using intrinsic shapes instead of polygons to describe complex stencil aperture shapes. Then it combines these intrinsics into groups to form component level footprints. Component footprints can be thought of as a digital entity that will be replicated precisely and are more easily managed without corruption.
  • These two powerful features of digital paste deposit control and automatic design generation are combined to guarantee improvement in end to end process efficiency.
  • Tannlin’s Blueprint management system links directly with SMTCAD to offer unparalleled end to end data visibility, control and traceability.


Tannlin T11HP

What's new on the T11?

As one of Europe’s leading stencil manufacturers, Tannlin have a wealth of experience in what makes a great stencil cutting machine. We listened to our engineers, operators and our excellent T-Series owners feedback, to make the T11 the most advanced laser stencil system in the world.

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Material processing capability

0.01mm 0.6mm (Stainless steel)

Process window



30,000 per hour (High density SMT)
70,000 per hour (Wafer bump)

Positioning capability

Global repeatability +/- 2μm
Global Accuracy +/- 5μm


Max Speed 3000mm/s Max Acceleration 15000mm/s²


T11 Control Software


Optical system including auto alignment and HD AOI


3 selectable gas inputs


Remote diagnostics capability included

Data transfer



Class 1 Laser Safety Enclosure

Physical characteristics

1.3 x 1.3 x 1.2m, 1600kg

Power requirements

1PH 16A 220V

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