highly automated, ultra fast laser motor lamination production systems

Tannlin have established an unparalleled reputation for high accuracy thin metal laser systems for a range of industries, and are setting the pace for highly automated laser systems. The race for higher performance electric motor and generator devices is intensifying at an exponential rate as environmental pressures increase the demand for energy efficiency and high performance.

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Technical Specification
Material processing capability

From 0.01mm to 2mm (electrical steel)

Process window

up to 1m x 1m

Positioning capability

Feature accuracy ± 1µm
Aperture repeatability < 1µm
Global repeatability ±2µm
Global accuracy ± 5µm
Resolution 10 nM


Max speed 4M/s
Cut speed up tp 300 mm/s
Max acceleration 9G


Enhanced Virtual Interface


Camera Vision System including auto alignment


3 Gas ports for cutting and welding


Remote diagnostics included

Data transfer

Standard file formats, RS274X, DXF


Ethernet, USB

Physical characteristics

Weight 1600Kg

Power requirements

Single phase 16 amps 220V


Class 1 enclosure

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Today, stamping is still the most common method of making electrical steel laminations, with laser cut laminations generally being used for small batch and prototype products. Laser Processing enables the highest level of accuracy, flexibility and repeatability – making it inevitable that highly automated laser processing will replace stamping for high performance lamination products.

Thin and ultra-thin gauge Silicon Steels offer efficiency benefits over conventional lamination materials. When optimally applied to a micron precise design, advanced motor laminations offer more efficient use of electrical steel, resulting in higher power density, reduced losses and heat, and overall energy savings. Efficiency gains also help designers to trim size and weight — without sacrificing performance.

The Tannlin motor lamination laser cutting platform is perfectly suited to high performance electrical steel materials and can be customised to suit your required cutting envelope.We can provide micron accurate laser cut capability at incredible speed, for all electrical steel materials from 0.01mm up to 2mm.

Micron accurate laser solutions

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