High accuracy laser processing

We offer the the highest accuracy, repeatable laser solutions. Tannlin Laser systems are used on thin materials for dross free laser processing. We also specialise in research and development and job shopping facilities for laser cut parts and processes.

Stencil Laser Systems

The latest innovation in laser stencil machines. Building on our pedigree of laser innovation which led us to develop the highly successful T-Series of laser systems, comes the all new T11.

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Custom Laser Systems

Cutting, drilling, marking, deep engraving, welding, surface removal, cleaning. We work in a diverse range of industries and market segments from scientific research to domestic appliance manufacture, aerospace and medical.

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Precision Parts

We provide a flexible, in-house capability to laser process parts to your specific requirements. This is a one-stop capability encompassing design, material sourcing, production fixturing, laser cutting, inspection and measurements.

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Motor Lamination

Highly automated, ultra fast laser motor lamination production systems.


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