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Close up of a circuit board



Tannlin offer an end-to-end stencil service from design evaluation and advice all the way through to stencil supply. Tannlin stencils operate two manufacturing facilities in the UK as well as Hungary and Romania, strategically located to provide customers with local support and the fastest turnaround possible. All facilities operate with the latest T11 stencil cutting systems operating under our tight process control to ensure the same high quality stencils are supplied from each facility.

circuit board

Stencil Design & Modifications

Allow our CAD teams extensive industry experience to improve your process with suggestions on correct modifications and alternative designs to improve paste release.

photo of pcb measurement

PCB Measurement

Match your stencil image array to your manufactured PCB array for improved paste alignment

A man using a Tannlin stencil cutting machine

Stencil Cutting

The latest Tannlin T11 stencil cutting systems enable us to offer high quality stencils with a quick turnaround.

Stencil cut metal

Multi-level Stencil

Tannlin’s proprietary welded step stencil allows stencil designs to be optimised for paste release on a component basis. Our welded step stencil process gives a consistent print surface across the whole area while maintaining tight thickness control of the area.

Circuit board

Stencil coating

Increase your time between cleaning cycles and improve board gasketing with a nano-coated stencil.

A man inspecting a tannlin machine


Tannlin AOI provides 100% aperture checking with additional aperture measurement analysis to provide Certificates of Conformance in-process.


  • Vectorguard

  • Mesh mount

  • Loose foil


  • 304 FH stainless steel

  • 301 FH fine grain stainless steel

  • Nickel

  • Specialty alloy


  • Foil thickness: 0.025 - 1.200mm

  • Frame sizes: 25x25mm - 1400x1600mm

Inside a Tannline Stencil cutting machine


Manufactured using Tannlin’s proprietary laser process, Tannlin Multi-Level stencils provide greater flexibility and control in the print process over standard SMT stencils. Unlike etched or machined step stencils, Tannlin Multi-Level stencils have the same surface finish on the base and step levels. As part of the laser process, a ramp is created in the step areas, which works together with the surface finish to provide superior print quality over comparative technologies. Facilitate an increase or decrease of paste volume and deposit height on selected PCB areas with mixed component technology, large ground pads, intrusive reflow or coplanarity issues. Stencil to board gasketing and print repeatability are easily improved in areas of concern such as labels, solder mask inconsistencies and tented vias.


Utilise the experience of our stencil design team during your stencil order to understand how your print performance could be improved by adding Tannlin Multi-Level to your stencil.

Close up of laser cut stencils


Thicknesses from 0.050 – 0.500 mm with support for complex shapes and dissimilar metals

Positional accuracy of < 10 μm on step areas

Material thickness tolerances of +/- 2% thickness 3D cavity stencils

Dissimmilar metal inserts

Environmentally friendly with no hazardous chemicals or pollutants involved

Manufactured across all Tannlin facilities

Short lead-times – same day quick turnaround available

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Decorative Lines
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