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Tannlin specialise in the design and manufacture of support products - dedicated Tooling and Fixturing for the PCB assembly processes.


Print support plates

Print, Place & Reflow

Print support plates along with process carriers are used to ensure the best print and optimal processing during manufacture of a PCB assembly.

Benefits of Print Support Plates include:

  • Ensures optimal gasket of printed circuit board to stencil during the print process, (significant contribution to First Pass Yield).
  • SMT components are fully protected during second side printing.
  • Fast set-up and product changeover.  

Process (Print, Place and Reflow) Carriers allow processing of all sizes and configurations of printed circuit boards.

Benefits of process carriers include:

  • Retention of printed circuit boards that are not compatible with standard conveyor systems.
  • Fiducial alignment to the carrier.
  • Processing of small form factor, flexi and hybrid printed circuit boards.

Solder Carriers

There are various types of wave carrier to suit your exact process requirements:

  • Fully selective masking bottom side SMT components.
  • Semi-selective masking rout tabs, gold fingers and other critical elements.
  • Open aperture to allow soldering of SMT and PTH components.
  • Rotating to adjust the approach angle of the board for optimum soldering. 

Benefits of Carriers include:

  • Elimination of hand masking. 
  • Process repeatability, maximum first pass yield. 
  • Increase throughput with multiple PCBAs on a carrier. 
  • Prevent warping of PCB assemblies during soldering. 
  • Standardisation of conveyor width to minimise set-up. 
  • “Top Hat” clamping to eliminate component lifting and movement during soldering. 
  • Ability to process odd form PCB assemblies.

Press Fit Support Plate

Press Fit Support Plates both protect and support your PCB assembly when inserting Press Fit components. Ergonomically designed and manufactured to be both durable and easy to handle in the production environment.

Benefits of Press Fit Support plates include:

  • Ensuring the PCB assembly is securely held and supported during the the pin insertion process.
  • Eliminates flexing of the circuit board potentially causing component / solder joint damage.
  • Avoids inherent reliability issues or scrapping of an assembly.

Router Plates

Router plates provide secure location and a level machining surface to support the PCB assembly during de-paneling.

Benefits of Router Plates include:

  • Ensuring the PCB panel assembly is securely held and supported during the de-paneling process.
  • Individual images are securely held during the complete routing process.
  • Allows quick and easy set-up and changeover.
  • Eliminates many potential sources of damage. 
Conformal coating carriers


Conformal coating carriers allow a consistent and repeatable process for masking PCB assemblies ensuring the mask is only applied to specific areas.

Benefits of Conformal Coating Carriers include:

  • Eliminate manual masking of components.
  • The conformal mask is applied consistently to every assembly.
  • Vulnerable components are protected during the masking process. 
Assembly Fixturing


Fixturing and specialised tooling for all aspects of the PCB assembly and repair processes custom designed from our extensive engineering knowledge and experience.

Benefits of Assembly Fixturing include:

  • Poke Yoke solutions ensuring consistent and repeatable manufacture.
  • All aspects catered repair, hand operations, sub assembly, lead forming and cropping, rotational fixtures, go-no go and verification jigs.

SMT Support Products

Working with 3D CAD modelling and integrated CAM we create and simulate bespoke design solutions to drive our suite of machining centres. Our focus is aimed at design solutions that increase the process operating window and deliver a direct benefit to process yield.

Steel Milling Machine


  • High Temperature glass composites.
  • Aluminium (K100s cast tooling plate or equivalent).
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Titanium.

Surface treatment

  • Teflon Coating.

Micron accurate laser solutions

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