Every laser cut stencil is manufactured under our strict operating processes and procedures on our industry leading T11 Laser Stencil Cutting Systems. Order management and operational control is managed through our proprietary cloud based “Blueprint” application. We operate across Europe with sites in the UK, Hungary and Romania. Each site is a fully equipped “copy exact” operation with dedicated local CAD and support staff.


Solder Paste

Solder Paste

Our Solder Paste stencils are custom designed to your exact process requirements:

  • Materials include Stainless Steel, Fine Grain Stainless Steel , Nickel.
  • Design modifications to agreed customer specification.
  • Mounting options include MPM, DEK, Vectorguard, Loose foil systems.

Benefits of Tannlin Solder Paste Stencils include:

  • Stencil optimised for your specific production requirements.
  • Highest precision laser cut stencils with apertures cut to +/- 2 microns.
  • Thickness tolerance of stencil +/- 2%.
  • CofC standard with each stencil including measurement and area ratio analysis.
Multilevel Solder Paste stencils


Our Multilevel Solder Paste stencils are custom designed for situations where you require to:

  • Increase or decrease paste volume and deposit height on selected PCB areas where you have mixed component technology, large ground pads, intrusive reflow or coplanarity issues.
  • Improve the stencil to board gasket and print repeatability for topography issues on PCBs e.g. labels, solder mask inconsistencies and tented vias.
  • Allow simultaneous printing of 3D cavities on a PCB.

Benefits of Tannlin Solder Paste Stencils include:

  • Guaranteed material thickness on all levels.
  • Optimal material surface finish on all levels.
  • Same day capability available from all Tannlin manufacturing territories.

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Multilevel Stencil Specification
Step thickness

step thickness range for Tannlin TML 20 - 500 microns

Step ramp

controlled step ramp in 50 micron increments,
optional matched squeegee blades

Material thickness

+/- 2% (primary steel and step steel)

Board side distortion

flat with no impact

Environmentally friendly

no hazardous chemicals or pollutants in process

Multilevel Comparison

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 ElectroformedEtchedMachinedPlatedTannlin TML
Step thickness range20-300 microns20-300 microns20-300 microns20-100 microns20-500 microns
Step thickness tolerance+/-10%+/-25%+/-25%+/-10%+/-2%
Step surface finishHighPoorPoorMediumHigh
Step cut qualityHighPoorPoorHighHigh
Step rampNoNoYesYesYes
Step positional accuracy100 microns100 microns250 microns100 microns10 microns
Process controlSingle pointSingle pointSingle pointSingle pointContinuous
Environmentally friendlyNoNoYesNoYes
AvailabilitySingle locationSingle locationSingle locationSingle locationAll locations
Adhesive stencils


Our Adhesive stencils are custom designed to allow the soldering of SMD components over a solder wave:

  • Stencils are supplied in a range of thicknesses to suit the specific adhesive application.
  • A Tannlin developed library of modifications is available for various component footprints.

Benefits of Tannlin Adhesive Stencils include:

  • Precise control of the adhesive height and shape.
  • More cost effective solution compared to dispensing.
Rework stencils


Our Rework stencils are custom designed to your specific rework requirements:

  • Rework and repair stencils for all component types.
  • Dedicated fixturing to locate and align the stencil.
  • Re-balling kits for reworking BGA components.

Benefits of Tannlin Rework stencils include:

  • Exact geometry to comply with the printed circuit board.
  • Designed for each unique situation.
Large Format stencils

Large Format

Our Large Format stencils are custom designed to your exact process requirements:

  • Example frame sizes, 950 x 950 mm, 920 x 800 mm, 795 x 1500 mm.

Benefits of Tannlin Large Format Stencils include:

  • Stencil optimised for your specific product and process requirements. 
  • Custom sizes available.
Vectorguard stencil mounting system


The Vectorguard™ stencil mounting system features include:

  • A unique mechanical system that tensions the foil in the frame.
  • Evenly distributed tension across the entire stencil.
  • Greater, more consistent tension over the life of the stencil as compared to mesh mounted stencils.
  • No epoxy bonds that can break down over time.
  • Easy to use and operator safe.
  • Reduces stencil storage space requirements by more than 75%.

Benefits of the Vectorguard™ stencil mounting system include:

  • Improved process control for greater first pass yield.
  • Better transfer efficiency for miniaturised components with the High Tension system.
  • Excellent solder paste deposit definition.
  • Long-term integrity with minimal tension degradation over time.

Blueprint information

Blueprint is a web application that we use to manage all aspects of your order.

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