A turnkey, fully integrated high volume laser production line.

Bosch Machine

Required accuracy: +/- 0.005mm
Required throughput: 2 million laser cut parts per year

After our initial requirements investigation for the production line, we knew that we had the capability to provide a solution using our expertise in speed, accuracy and automation. We recommended removing all punched holes, instead installing multiple laser heads, speeding up the process and achieving the required throughput. We were able to re-engineer the entire process flow so that the finished machine, as deployed in a BSH factory carries out the operations featured below:

This system surpassed the customers requirements for accuracy and speed –

but it also removed two additional operations – crucially, it completely removed the need for an additional packaging operation which saved time and eliminated the potential for handling damage.

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500Kg Coil feed in to the machine

Laser cutting of all holes and lasered out line tabbed, ready singulation

Automated Indexing

Laser Marking

Automated Optical Inspection

Low pressure punch singulation of each part

Finished component packaging into dedicaited container ready for assembly

Guillotine waste management

Throughput of 2 million units per year

Tolerance of +/- 3 µm

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