Laser processing Molybdenum to manufacture a mask for wafers used in the making of Ilika's Stereax™ solid state battery.

Micron Accurate Laser Cut Parts
High precision molybdenum mask

We were approached by Ilika to manufacture their design for a mask through which batteries would be deposited on a wafer. The material to be used was Molybdenum. Using our experience and expertise in precision laser processing we collaborated with Ilika to enable their designs.

Exceeding Expectations

This task was to produce a high precision mask in a very difficult material. There were also particular requirements for flatness and accuracy, as well as multi stage laser processing and alignment. Using our expertise in laser processing and high accuracy vision incorporated in our Tannlin laser machines, we were able to exceed the customers requirements on precision, quality and delivery.

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Technical specifications


Material thickness

200µm -130µm

Positional accuracy

Feature accuracy +/- 1 micron

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Stereax Prototype Production

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Micron Accurate Laser Cut Parts