Tannlin’s foundations lie in the design and manufacture of the world’s
first stencil laser cutting system. Starting with the production of laser cut stencils, Tannlin’s capabilities have expanded encompassing advanced laser cutting systems, custom laser cutting production cells, high accuracy laser processing and electronic assembly support products. Innovation is at the heart of the business with our ability to bring innovative solutions to the market for our customers through continuous investment in research and development.


Tannlin are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with precision laser equipment in terms of accuracy, capability and throughput. Our team of multidisciplinary engineers respond to technological challenges set by future technology trends to deliver advanced laser based solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

We take pride in delivering a service engineered to the highest standard and specialise in accelerating change to advance the processes behind manufacturing. Our products are designed with exquisite detail and we are passionate about delivering consistent tailored solutions optimised for each and every client. Above all we are committed to supporting the development of the people and communities around us.


Case Studies

Bosch Machine


Implementing a single laser cutting operation to a pre-existing production line comprising a combination of punched holes and laser operations.

Micron Accurate Laser Cut Parts


Laser processing Molybdenum to manufacture a mask for wafers used in the making of Ilika's Stereax™ solid state battery.

Micron accurate laser solutions

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Customer satisfaction

More than 99% of our customers found Tannlin very professional to use.

Innovation in Laser Processing Technologies

As a company we continually invest in our people and their personal development.