Southern Manufacturing 2018

This year Southern Manufacturing made its debut in the new venue and the event turned out to be a giant success – thanks to everyone who attended our booth during the show.

It was interesting to meet new people and discuss ideas, catch up with existing customers and see the advances being made in the manufacturing world by our fellow exhibitors. We were glad to have the opportunity to talk  to new people about our laser cut stencils and SMT support products – particularly to explain our multilevel capability to people who hadn’t heard (or seen) the quality that laser welded step stencils produce. This year our booth featured a wide variety of  samples from our micron precision parts division. The reaction these parts garnered was incredible – we decided to let our work do the talking and place some motor laminations straight off the machine on the table for people to pick up and inspect.

Testing new applications for our capabilities is how we continuously innovate and improve. One of the most interesting outcomes of the show was meeting people who had a a need for micron precise parts and working out how we can use our knowledge of the field to achieve the desired outcome. Looking forward to the rest of 2018!