IBIL Laser, located in San Sebastian, recently boosted their laser stencil capability by installing a new Tannlin T11- bringing Laser multilevel capability to Spain for the very first time.


Iker Beraza, owner of IBIL, said “The new T11 will allow us to make the most advanced stencils available, bringing the most accurate Multilevel stencils to our customers across Spain, Portugal and France”

Tannlin Laser Multilevel stencils demonstrate the most accurate technology in multilevel stencils, producing step thickness changes accurate to 2%. The process does not change the characteristics of the steel in any way, therefore TML stencils print as perfectly as a single level stainless steel stencil with no compromise. For IBIL this means that they have the capacity to deliver same day multilevel stencils when required.

To eliminate stencil design errors and help IBIL’s customers analyse and design their stencils with maximum effectiveness, IBIL will be deploying Tannlin’s new SMTCAD stencil design software. Not only can SMTCAD analyse a design for optimal Area Ratio, it can also automatically generate the final stencil design from the analysis with end user approval.