2015 was Productronica’s 40th birthday and the show certainly did not disappoint!

With over 38,000 visitors from nearly 80 countries, the show has maintained its highly international appeal. We felt this was the right time to showcase Tannlin, promoting and firmly establishing our leadership in laser stencil production, and as one of the top players in SMT production technology. Working with Stuart Hookway of 3D Designs, we created what was agreed to be a stunning stand design for the exhibition.

Having just returned from Productronica 2015, the Tannlin team feels both proud and energized – after a year of intense planning and preparations, we enjoyed a fantastic week meeting customers, prospects, competitors and suppliers of over 30 different nationalities.

Operations Director Pete Rivett commented: “From the start, this was a team effort from Tannlin and its suppliers. Everyone within Tannlin was involved in contributing ideas, manufacturing samples, and creating demos with an internal team selected to physically man the stand. Throughout this process, design and marketing agency BBD Creative drove a marketing strategy and approach to shape the branding and maximize customer participation at the event. The passion and focus from the Tannlin team on the stand was exceptional.”

Fraser Shaw, Technical Sales Director, also commented: “Showcasing our laser technology, Tannlin Multilevel and SMT CAD stencil design package, we received an excellent reception from the attendees at Productronica. It was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the clear lead that Tannlin and our T11 Laser users have over the competition. There were a lot of established technologies on show, but I don’t think there was any doubt on just how far ahead Tannlin systems are. From design through to manufacture and quality control of accuracy and traceability, Tannlin are clearly in a different league. The sheer number of people that came up to not only admire the stand and systems, but ask for a sample of the multilevel product to take away was incredible! To demonstrate that the T11 was easily the most accurate system in the whole exhibition, and that the TML stencil is the most accurate multilevel product in the industry, is something that made us very proud.”

We would like to extend a special thanks to our customers and suppliers that have supported Tannlin over the years as we have grown and developed as a company. Without all of you, this would never have been possible.