Great Lakes Engineering, one of the USA’s foremost precision laser parts and Stencils manufacturers recently took delivery of The most advanced Tannlin T11 laser system ever. The new machine boasts a 300W fiber laser with the ability to cut thicker materials at a faster pace than ever before.

 For Great Lakes customers, the installation of the machine will see more accurate multilevel stencils than ever before, with the TML Tannlin multi level function producing step thicknesses accurate to 2%.

In addition to the 300W laser, the upgraded machine features an adjustable chase to accept stencils sized from 400mm to 850mm. The new feature will give Great Lakes the scope to comfortably cut a more extensive range of designs and sizes – the Great Lakes T11 has the ability to cut 1.8 meters (70”) in length. The Tannlin MultiLevel (TML) function which works purely though laser cutting and micro welding, leaves the surface of the steel unaltered. Therefore, TML (Tannlin MultiLevel) stencils feature the same perfect print you see on our single level stainless steel stencils with no compromise.