May 2016 saw more success for Tannlin and the industry leading T11 laser stencils machine, this time in Indonesia, with the installation of a new T11 LP for Gemapro in Jakarta.

Gemapro is the leading manufacturer of electrical mechanical test and manufacturing solutions for Electronics industries in the region, making standard and customer engineered electronics Test Fixture and Function Testers. The T11 LP laser machine will provide Gemapro with a state of the art SMT Stencil capability, including Tannlin Multilevel welded stencil production, enabling state of the art step stencils without compromise.

Gemapro will also be deploying Tannlin’s new SMTCAD stencil design and management software, to enabling fully automatic stencil design rules to eliminate any errors and increase design efficiency. Tannlin wishes Mr Tang and his team, pictured here, great success with their new capability. Indonesia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and is expected to grow its electronics sector considerably in the coming years.