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Established in 1998, Tannlin has built upon a heritage of excellence in electronics production and process development with outstanding success in the design and manufacture of innovative products and supporting customer needs.

With a worldwide reputation for innovation and quality, Tannlin's ground-breaking research and development brought the first ever stencil laser cutting system, the first laser cut stencil and the first implementation of AOI on its laser systems, to the electronics industry.

Tannlin takes a customer-focused approach, applying experience and innovation to provide solutions to specific customer needs. Headquartered in Prestwick, Scotland, with manufacturing facilities in England, Hungary and Romania, and with outlets in the USA and Japan, Tannlin offers an international presence and global reach giving customers convenient, reliable and cost-effective supply and support solutions. Tannlin customers appreciate the support and benefits available from Tannlin's attention to process and include world leaders in the electronics industry like Sony, Jabil, Flextronics and Continental.

With unparalleled experience of stencil production and the design and manufacture of stencil production systems, Tannlin understands electronics production processes in detail; an understanding clearly visible in our leading edge laser cutting systems, processes and customer focused stencil production facilities.

As the industry leading supplier of both stencil and electronic support products and stencil laser cutting systems, Tannlin appreciates the importance of high quality stencils and tooling solutions in the electronics production and electronics assembly process. Our expert knowledge, professional support and innovative systems provide customers with best-in-class accuracy, reliability and consistency resulting in significant benefits in production yield and quality.